Is Bitcoin (비트코인) the same as cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin (비트코인), is an electronic money, also Bitcoin Exchange (비트코인 거래소) known as cryptocurrency that is exchanged through the internet, through a cryptographic program, its own transactions are secure through Blockchain technology, much like a shared accounting publication that is stored on several computers in various areas.At an identical way, it may be considereda currency like the euro or the US dollar, which is used to swap merchandise and services.

On this site, you may also locate the Binance (바이낸스) platform, so they also believe it since the exchange system with the biggest commercial quantity on the planet, it can swap cryptocurrency to advertise, it has the capacity of over 100 assets (products and services) digital.

In turn, this stage is available for customers who would like to advertise with this exchange program, a segment inside that assists you save particular monies and also possess a monthly or annual return on them, which segment can be calledBitmax (비트맥스).

Before this department, Bitmax, the businessmen that started using it, feared for their trades, because previous years it was considered as the fraud system practiced by numerous companies, however today it is no longer true.
Clients working using the electronic currency, cryptocurrency or other exchange programs clarify Bit-coin virtual currency since a desktop or mobile application which supplies a personal Bit coin wallet and makes it possible for the consumer to ship and obtain Bit-coin.