Web Design Services in Peterborough by Elara Web

Elara Web is a website design and digital marketing service provider in the Peterborough and all of the Cambridgeshire region. The services offered by the company include responsive web design, search engine optimisation, and website management. Additionally, Elara offers website speed optimisation services to improve user experience and advance in search engine result pages.

You’re reducing your potential customers or visitors on your websites in half with a sluggish site. Elara’s team of web design peterboroughuses several techniques to enhance your website’s performance, including caching, minifying online resources, optimising the database, reducing page size, and compression of images, to name some.

Google has confirmed that a website’s speed will affect search engine rankings, implying that you will not just profit from a quicker website, you’ll probably rank higher too. The significance of an optimised site is only becoming more critical, with more than 50 percent of all online users now using mobile devices to surf the web. Bearing in mind that many of these users would use a 3G, 4G, or 5G linkage today, a slow website is a big killer in user retention.

Do you need optimisation on your website?
Sadly, there are web developers everywhere who often ignore the importance of page speeds and customer experience, which is precisely how Elara Web came about to provide such a service. The great thing is, there are plenty of online tools available that will give an excellent overview of how your website performs. Some of the tools include:
• Pingdom: Discover speed bottlenecks
• GT Metrix: Page speed quality test out of 100
• PageSpeed Insights: can use the Official Google tool

Typically, Elara Web looks to achieve the lowest possible load times, usually in under 2 seconds. If you don’t accomplish this benchmark, your viewers may be frustrated with poor user experience, and it may hold you back in search engine rankings.